Monday, 4 May 2009

The Meatloaf, Gravvy and Mashed

I have been looking for The Green Mile (the book) since I watched the movie. Obviously, I cannot find it in Kuching's book stores. On the recent Easter holiday, we went to one of the famous car boot sale in Redditch and I bought it there with a price of 20pence. I have spent nearly 1 week plus to finish reading the book since I read it only before going to bed.

The movie is fantastic however the book is far much more incredible. I was quite sad towards the end of the story. John Coffey (like the drink, only not spell the same way) was electrocuted for the crime that he did not commit. He was a gris-gris man and he helped some of the people to cure (be it cancer or something to do with the waterworks). Although he was innocent (they knew it!), somehow there was no way to let him walk free. On his last dinner, he requested for the meatloaf, gravvy and mashed. I just cannot understand how people in such situation enjoy his dinner, knowing it was the last dinner for him. However, the meatloaf sounds interesting to me (hahaha.. in spite of feeling sorrow rite now). What is the different between steak and meatloaf? Recipes anyone? I'll figure it out later.. Haha..Good news, my oven is working. The oven is in perfect condition before, but I'm not a good chef, an oven is just too complex for me (Thanks to Ayu, she is my oven "guru ":).) Our second menu from the oven will be the meatloaf (we had sausages and onion casserole just now). Anyway, the story of John Coffey really touched my heart. Now, anyone wants to borrow the book?

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