Sunday, 31 May 2009

Chicken Briyani and Chocolate Cheesecake

Yupp, I've made Chicken Briyani. But not from scratch, it isn't my forte. I used the Briyani Mixed that I brought all the way from Malaysia. Thanks to Miss Effa Ashley who prepared and gave us all the herbs, curry powder, chilli sauce, soy ketchup, Maggi Curry Noodle as well as the Briyani mixed, before we flied to Birmingham. If I were to cook the Briyani from scratch, I might be considered to change my specialization in PhD, not computer vision anymore but it's world cuisine. :) The Chocolate Cheesecake that I baked yesterday taste mild. It is due to the mild philadephia cheese. Point to remember, next time use the strongest philadephia cheese that you can find. I learnt new technique to not burnt the base of the cake while baking the cake. The base is a normal digestive biscuits which I crushed and combined them with butter and cocoa powder. Before you start to put the cake filling in its tin, make sure you wrapped the outside of the tin with, first a cling film and then, a strong foil. Put the cake tin in the roasting pan, and pour all the cake filling inside the tin. Next, pour the hot water into the roasting pan, filling up until it reach half of the cake tin height. Slowly, lift the roasting pan and put in the oven. Done.

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