Sunday, 26 April 2009

Wish List...

  1. Briyani
  2. Sushi-->Thanks to Eti, Irma and Hana. They brought me to Shogun at The Mailbox. Have a great “salmon time” there! First time eating without puking afterwards :)
  3. Lamb Chop-->Have problem with my oven.
  4. Silver Catfish cooked in coconut cream and small chillies (“Ikan Patin masak lemak cili api”).
  5. Linut-->An authentic melanau dish.

...for the time being :)


Susie said...

kekeke..actually i think when you are at overseas, you will always think of the food you love when you are back in Malaysia..and that makes u feel depressed, at least that is what happen to me :-p ..kekekek...

melovesfood said...

Susie, I don't miss Malaysia.. I just miss the food and the people.. heheh :)

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