Thursday, 16 April 2009

food intake=your weight? Is it true?

Is it true that the more you eat, you'll gain more weight. To some people, yeah, that's right (I belong to this group when I turned 21). To people who food intake has nothing to do with weight, congratulations! You can eat whatever you want (I should belong to this team!).

my food intake=verysimplebreakfast+simple lunch+heavy dinner+lots of digestives mcvities biscuits + ASDA Belgian chocolate cookies (yummyyyy!!!) +1 plum or banana or pear +less plain water+ a glass of coke+>2 cups of tea or coffee+(occasionally) 1 glass of fresh milk .

Yupp, my sum of food intake is equal to mrgrammarindahouse's. It should be less than that, yeah, just because I'm a girl (Not fair!!). But it's cold here. I'm just trying to make my body warm (wink wink **-making an excuse). Is my weight boost like rocket going to the moon? .. Nope...It's going down babe!! I lost 4 kilos since I arrived here.Maybe it's due to the houseworks and research works (Am I really doing research???) . Why can't you see the difference from the figure? If you look at my pics, you surely will say that I'm just bluffing. Attention gals! Your body figure will change if you have a drastic weight lost. I mean really really drastic (=>10kilos perhaps).

So, if you belong to the first group, like me, and you cannot fight your food obsession, make sure you do lots of heavy duty works every single day. Is cooking considered as a heavy work? :)

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