Friday, 24 April 2009

Eating Out for the First Time

Today is the 60-days I'm in Birmingham. As I mentioned in the previous entry, we have never experience a proper dining in any restaurant/cafe in UK. Having a scrambled egg, baked beans and a slice of toast in the cafe at the motorway service is not considered as a proper dining. I don't feel like cooking today and I'm tired of eating the same food every single day. Not that I cooked the same thing each and every day. I really put an effort to make sure that the menus are not the same for the whole week. So, I rotate. Each week there will be chicken in sweet soy, chicken soup, chicken curry, beef curry, deep fried marinated chicken, beef with bone soup and et cetera.

Bored with my own menus, I decided to eat something else today, something that I really enjoyed back in Malaysia. It's
Briyani Lamb. One of colleagues recommended one Pakistanis restaurant in Sparkbrook, Imrans Restaurant. They have their own website We arrived at the restaurant with the empty and flat stomach (ermm.. ignore the second last word, I don't have a flat stomach..:)) . For starters, we ordered nan with prawn masala.The prawn masala is really delicious. You guys have to try it. It's not too hot but the taste is just nice when combined with the nan. Actually, I wanted to order the king prawn tikka but I kinda confused, masala or tikka. Is it the same? I'm not the expert of Pakistanis dishes. Then, for the main course, we have our Briyani lamb. The lamb is so tender but the briyani rice didn't get the full score from me. Briyani rice in Ammah Curry House in Kuching (the small cafe situated in front of UNIMAS Medics Faculty) is way far more tasty than in Imrans's . I think the rice is quite dry and that's why they served it with the gravy. Indeed, the gravy saved the taste of the food (not forgotten the lamb!). Then, we have a very simple dessert, 2 scoops of mint chocolate chip ice cream. Well, nothing special about the ice cream. I really want to try the Pakistanis dessert but I don't have a sweet tooth. I like puddings, ice cream, cakes and other pastries, but I cannot stand food that is too sweet. People say the dessert that originated from Bangladesh, India or Pakistan is really really sweet. I think I will put the Bangladesh/Pakistan/India 's dessert as on of my fear factor challenge. I really enjoy the food and I think this is not the last visit to the restaurant (until I find another best restaurant :)). I have a nice break from cooking today, but come tomorow, the cooking session start again. I dont mind, after all it's for MrKamahKamah and MrGrammarindaHouse. :)


Hikbal Ujir said...

Salam sis, shouldn't be a picture that can spell out your imaginative words in a clear preview? It will be nice thou to have pictures around where makes everybody feel the heat...

melovesfood said...

I don't have SLR camera,in fact I don't have any camera. But, I do have a phone with camera, does it count?hehehe

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