Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Eatery Places in Kuching

I'm in the middle of my daily routine (what else? coding and more coding). Programming is just not my thing (not very good at it) but I kind of like doing it because it makes me thinking the whole day. In fact, last night, I dreamt about the codes that I tried to compile yesterday (no errors but something wrong with the codes). When I'm in the middle of programming or reading, I always have something to munch. I only have these on my table, I'm bored. I need something to nibble. Therefore, my mind flew back to Kuching and food. Yummy this ! Yummy that! Hemm... The following are the list of eatery places that I often visited back in Kuching:

1. Buntal (Hock Seng Restaurant (I don’t remember exactly the name of my favourite restaurant)),

Order this: Chilli Crab, Curry Ambal/Siput Buluh, Midin Belacan, Sweet Sour Siakap, Deep Fried Squid.

2. Swee Kang (Open Air)

Voted as the best ABC in Kuching (by mrgrammarindahouse and me).

3. Ammah Curry House

Served the most healthy and yummy chicken briyani (I think so).Not too oily and the food portion is just nice.

4. D’Wannie Cafe

Best Nasi Lemak and chicken porridge

5. The Junk

You should try the lamb shank, lamb chop and fisherman basket (I don’t remember the correct name for this menu)

6. Singapore Chicken Rice (SRC)

Indeed, they served yummy chicken rice (steamed or roasted chicken) and they also served other things like Laksa Sarawak, Mee Kolok and et cetera. If you would like to try Laksa Sarawak (must try!), my advice, please visit SRC restaurant in front of MAS Building. At other branches, the taste is not that good.

7. Mango Tree

Best Thai’s food. Order this: Tom Yam Goong, Grilled Garoupa, Buttered Prawn, Steamed Rice.

Stop! The list could go on and on. Let’s get back to work. Oh what the heck, let’s go back to home. It’s nearly 5. :)


daria.lala adalah said...

hellooo, SCR okay
bukan SRC ahaha

melovesfood said...

hehehe.. konpius dgn nama production company molah lagu Siti tek..ahakss

daria.lala adalah said...

hahahaha SURIA records nak ahaha

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