Thursday, 30 April 2009

Asda Sardines and me

Yesterday I said that I wanted to have something to munch. When I arrived at home, I just realized that I was really really hungry. My stomach started to sing and my head was drumming(I often get the headache if I have an empty stomach). There was no time to defrost the chicken and no time to cook a pukka tukka meal. So, I just grabbed Asda sardines (only 49pence, very cheap compared to Ayam brands, yummy too!!)from the kitchen cupboard, and chopped some garlic, onion and potatoes(thinly sliced). I cooked all these three things for a while and throw the sardines in. When the potatoes were cooked, the food was ready. I was not the only person who was hungry, mrgrammarindahouse and mrkamahkamah also felt the same. Mrgrammarindahouse and mrkamahkamah had it with plain rice and eggs (sunny side up please!). While I have some shredded small chilies with soy sauce to go with the sardines and eggs. 1hour after that, I prepared mrkamahkamah for bed. And guess what, I was the first one who fell asleep, not mrkamahkamah. Maybe it was because of the headache and the sardines (I guess I was too full). When I woke up, it's near to 12 and I missed Desperate Housewives and Shameless series again! I should done some parts of the coding last nite and because of the early "good nite", the codes are not done yet. And today, I cannot finish the codes and the dateline that I set is this week. I guess more works on weekend. :(

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