Monday, 11 April 2016


I dont care if you want to use negative way to educate your kids, by calling him/her names.
But dont do it to other children, they are not your kids and you dont understand how upset/depress the kid can be.
I knew someone who always make fun of some other people.
Her interest topic is of course the physical.
She once called a 9th year girl, si gemok.
Being an obedient girl, she always respond to that name.
It hurts me, as a parent, seeing things like this.

"Kalau ada orang panggil kau Tempang, kau cakap dengan dia jangan panggil kau Tempang lagi. Kalau dia panggil Tempang lagi, kau jangan jawab. Kalau dia panggil lagi, kau pegi dekat dia, kau tampar dia"- Melati Putih, 1984.


Tuesday, 22 March 2016


Ko bukak FB.
Lepas tu ko terbaca artikel mengenai kesihatan, pasal ubat, pasal penyakit.
So ada doktor bertauliah, bagi cadangan.
Tapi kau tolak.
Sebab kau lagi hebat, kau ada virtual-medicine-cert, selepas baca dkt google, wth!

Tu belum kes antivac and home birth.
Yang home birth tu sukati korang la, korang yg nak beranak.
Jangan kalau dah bleeding, baru gatal nak gi spital.
Yang antivac pulak, sila la duduk dalam pulau sendiri.
Kau tak vaccinated, kau jangan nak bawak penyakit.

Saya pun selalu google gak. sekadar untuk dpt info.
Tapi bila dah jumpe doktor yang ada medicine cert, idokla saya melawan kata mereka.
Mereka pi sekolah woi, lama pulak tu belajau nye, mesti la ada ilmu di dada.

Sunday, 20 March 2016

MAS and their hospitality

We bought a return ticket KCH-KL-KCH, tickets for 2 adults, 1 child and 1 infant. Suri was 1 year plus when we bought the ticket. Then, we felt that too tired for that trip, then we changed to a later date, a date where Suri is now 2 years old. We paid a thousand plus for the changes. 

Came the day, we wanted to online check in and it appeared that Suri was still an infant in the ticket. So we decided to check in at the counter. You all know what happen if we travel in a group and we had a late check in, separate seat for all of us. The  lady at the check in counter said, the flight is full and she can't just ignore that we already paid for Suri as a child. So she made an extra effort to go to the ticket counter and made sure that Suri had her own seat. She put Suri seat next to me and Yaya with his dad. She said this changes will make things easier for inbound journey. And in the flight, there is one flight attendant that I think had a bad day as her manners was terrible! 

And what make me furious was we still had a problem for our inbound ticket. I had tried to online check in, and it cannot be done as Suri still had an infant ticket. A lady at the check in counter said, Suri will be put on the waiting list as the flight is full, a brilliant idea she had! We had to repeat the idea to her face so that she realized how excellent her idea was! Then, after she realized how stupid the idea was, she asked us to go to the ticket counter. And the lady at the ticket counter did not need me to explain everything and simply shove me to another counter. The queue line was quite long at the other counter, and we had less than an hour to make sure Suri had her own ticket. So I simply approach two officers who I guess on their break time, I explained everything and they helped me to get an infant ticket for Suri. So Suri, a two year old plus girl, had to sit on me even after we bought her a child ticket. It is fine for me as Suri's weight is just 11kg. Again, I did not sit next to my husband and Yaya, because of the late check in.

I was so angry but relieved at the same time. I was planning to make a proper complain to MAS about this whole kerfuffle. I approached a flight attendant, explained about everything and asked her whether could I change my seat to another seat, so that I could comfortably breastfed Suri, she said OK. Suddenly, before we landed, another flight attendant approached me and said she was so sorry about this fuss. She said the ground crew should told her earlier because there was an empty seat in the flight!


The flight attendants were so nice in the flight MH2552, I was so grateful for their kindness.

But still, MAS should improve the system and attitude for some of their crews. 

Enough rant.

Friday, 11 March 2016

After 10 years

Anugerah Perkhidmatan Cemerlang 2015

Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Too Long

It has been too long since my last post here.

I've learnt so many life lessons.

Every time I think about sharing with you guys, I "write it in my brain", imagining what to write, perhaps planning good sentences.

When I was so ready to type it, all were gone.

I wish I had something to record that in my brain.

Will try to frequently write things here.

Till then.